Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I buy a Uni Filter?
A. Uni Filters are available worldwide, but the best place to find a Uni is your local motorcycle shop. Uni Filters are also available online at these fine dealers.

Q. Do I need to oil both the inner and the outer filters?
A. Yes. For best performance and dirt stopping ability you need to oil both layers
of the filter. For best results use Uni Foam Filter Oil.

Q. Why does a Uni come apart? No other filters does?
A. Uni Filters are the only air filters that are two air filters in one. This unique design produces improved air flow, better dirt stopping ability and easier and more thorough cleaning.

Q. Will a Uni Filter fit in my factory airbox?
A. Yes. Uni’s are a direct factory replacement air filter and are designed to fit exactly into your factory air box without modification.

Q. Can I use Motor Oil to oil my Uni Filter?
A. No! Motor Oil will drain off the filter and can cause damage to vehicle. Use only
Uni Foam Filter Oil or a comparable product designed for foam air filters.

Q. Does Uni sell air filters for older bikes?
A. Yes. Please see our Online Catalog/Vintage section on this website for hundreds of applications for older bikes.

Q. How do I clean a Uni Filter?
A. Please see our Maintenance section on our site for complete cleaning and oiling instructions and instructional videos.

Q. Will I have to re-jet my bike if I install a Uni Filter?
A. It is likely that you will have to re-jet your carbs because Uni Filters provide greater air flow than stock air filters. See your local motorcycle shop for more information.